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  I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how happy I am with my Lapdome® Collapsible.  I use it quite often while doing AstroPhotography.. it really is a pleasure to have a cozy home for my laptop while keeping the bright light from the laptop bothering others, and lighting up the imaging area.  I find it amazing that it keeps the dew from collecting on the laptop. The laptop heat keeps it warm inside even on very cold nights the laptop remains frost free while everything around me is covered in ice.

     Your materials and workmanship are great, and I can wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone looking at Astronomy while using a laptop.. one of the necessities I feel you should own!

Best regards,

Dave Yates / Engineering Manager

My company, WayUP!, provides ground-based aerial imagery for the real estate, construction, and other high-end industries.  We do the majority of our imaging outdoors, on bright sunny days, when our client's properties look most appealing.  Our process requires that we and our clients be able to view the images as they are fed real-time from the 50-foot mast to the laptop/ground station, which is also located outdoors.  When our company started, the solution was a sheet or towel draped over the screen - not very professional to say the least.  We researched the options, found your product on the internet, and purchased several of your LapDome® systems to try out.  Your LapDome® has proven itself to be instrumental by providing the necessary sun screening that we need, while also providing a more professional "finished" appearance to our systems.

     LapDome® is now a mandatory piece of equipment that each of my employees is required to have with them when they deploy to complete a commission.

     Thank you very much for your extremely innovative product

David King / CEO -WayUP!

Ground Based Aerial Photography www.wayupphotos.com

I use the LapDome® "Outdoor Office" whenever the urge to fool with spreadsheets and the like takes me out on my deck.  None of that 'crummy' sunset stuff, or dog hair gets on my lovely screen, and I can enjoy the company of my furry buddies as well as work, or some semblance thereof.

     Bill King / Owner, Gold's Gym

Maui, Hawaii

Thanks for the LapDome® "Outdoor Office".  It is a complete necessity when working outside.  There is no glare, and you can see the screen perfectly.  It's perfect anywhere there is a lot of light.  I wouldn't be without one since having this one.  I'm sure as people use this item they will also feel the same way. 

Thanks again,

Richard Clark / Registered Rep

Financial Services and Insurance Products

I recently returned from my voyage, which took us from Catalina to the Sea of Cortez.  I had many occasions to test your LapDome® "Outdoor Office".  It completely fixed the outside glare problem, and also protected my laptop from the intense sun and salt spray, allowing me to work on deck, which was much more enjoyable.  I was also able to download my digital photos, and getting to the connections was no problem - Plenty of room.  I didn't have occasion to use the back pack feature, but will be taking it into the mountains of Colorado this fall, and I'm sure this will be a handy feature.  I believe this invention will find many users when it hits the market.  Good luck in your endeavors.  I'll send a further report in the fall.


Frank Halladay

The LapDome® "Outdoor Office" is a winner!  I spend a great deal of my time, both business and leisure, outdoors.  To actually be able to use my laptop outside is a huge asset.   Whether sitting on the deck, or in the field I can clearly see the screen with little, or no sun glare - and that makes me One Happy Camper! 

Thanks for making such a great product!

Mike Schwiebert / Marketing Coordinator

I cannot tell you how pleased I have been with your invention.  It has worked remarkably well in all conditions, and is great for work on a new jobsite where your truck is your office.  Thank you for allowing me to be a test case for the LapDome® "Outdoor Office", and I look forward to seeing your product on retail store shelves soon.

B. Werner / Superintendent

Tricon Construction, Inc.