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The LapDome® "COLLAPSIBLE" - Super Lightweight - folds down and stores in a small flat bag.  This laptop computer CARRY CASE pops open to shade and protect your laptop.  It offers privacy, security, and protection from the elements, but most of all...computer screen visibility outdoors all of the time!

Got WI-FI for your establishment? Custom ordering of this model with your logo on any or all four sides is COMING SOON!  Makes a Great Cabana Rental or Corporate Giveaway!  


Use Collapsible as a sturdy laptop CARRY CASE  (Careful, it’s not padded!)

Designed to be perfect for 15-inch laptops, the Collapsible will accommodate SOME 17-inch laptops — snugly — if they are no larger than 16-inches wide, by 11-inches tall with the screen open

Lockable front zipper door

Collapsible “collapses” into the handy stow bag when not in use

Use empty stow bag to carry along CDs, DVDs, batteries, lunch – whatever

Stow bag is sized to fit in a standard padded laptop carry case (along with your laptop) for safe, long-distance transport


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$10 USA and Canada / $20 International for Single LapDome
Pricing for Multiple Order or Rush Delivery...  Please email:  info@lapdome.com


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